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Our company has been granted 5 national utility model patents

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-07-21

Our company has been granted 5 national utility model patents

On July 14, the State Intellectual Property Office issued the announcement of intellectual property authorization, our company "One Oxidation Tower Energy-saving Intake System", "One Industrial Circulating Water Descaling Device" and other five technical achievements have been granted the national utility model patent authorization. All the 5 patents have been applied in production practice, and 100% transformation of patented technology has been realized.

All along, our company encourages technicians to make bold innovations and take the initiative. The five utility model patents obtained this time are the comprehensive embodiment of the company's good research and development ability and innovation ability. Next, the company will continue to increase technological innovation, promote the transformation of achievements, and help the company's high-quality development.


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