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Huaqiang Chemical launched a new special mineral fertilizer-"Yang Jia"

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Huaqiang Chemical launched a new special mineral fertilizer-"Yang Jia"

Mineral fertilizer function

"Yang Jia" contains a lot of minerals, contains various nutrients and rich organic matter required by crops. It has many advantages such as pollution-free, pollution-free, long-lasting fertilizer effect, strong seedlings and disease resistance, soil improvement, yield increase, quality improvement In addition, it can greatly improve the utilization rate of fertilizers and overcome the disadvantages of environmental pollution, ecological damage, and decreased fertility of cultivated land caused by the large-scale use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Application of "Yang Jia" mineral fertilizer can not only increase the accumulation of soil organic matter, but also increase the total amount of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, and improve the soil's ability to retain and supply fertilizer. Under the action of bio-mineral fertilizer, the harmful ion content and PH value of saline-alkali land are significantly reduced, the soil buffering performance is increased, and the salt-tolerance of crops is improved.

Huaqiang Chemical launched a new special mineral fertilizer-"Yang Jia"

Last year, the experiment was carried out in the middle paddy field in Yidu City, Yichang City, Hubei Province, applying "Yang Jia" 14-13-15 chlorine-based 40 kg as a base fertilizer, and applying conventional chlorine-based 3 15 as a base fertilizer; topdressing is all in the seedling stage. Kg; 24--6-16 compound fertilizer 15 kg for the rearing crops in acres at the ear stage, the control uses common compound fertilizer with the same formula After field test, "Yang Jia" yielded 1,314 kg per mu, compared with 1,228 kg per mu, increased by 86 kg per mu, and increased 7% per mu.


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