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[New product recommendation] Our company's new microbial inoculant will be available soon

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Our company's new microbial inoculant will be available soon

Our company's newly developed microbial inoculants will be available soon. This product contains a variety of high-concentration and highly active beneficial microbial flora, which can absorb nutrients through the soil, especially the absorption of potassium and phosphorus in phosphate. And transfer these nutrients to the plant roots, stimulate the branching of the roots and increase the root absorption area, play a role in nitrogen fixation, phosphorus release, potassium release, promote plant root growth and protect plants from pathogenic bacteria.

1. Increase output: This product adds appropriate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and medium trace elements according to the nutritional requirements of the crop to provide comprehensive nutrition for the crops. Its rich complex effective flora can also secrete gibberellin, cytokinin, auxin And other active substances to stimulate, regulate and promote the growth and development of crops, so that the effect of increasing crop yields is obvious.

2. Improving quality: The large amount of beneficial bacteria can significantly increase the content of beneficial ingredients in agricultural products such as protein, sugar, vitamins, and amino acids, making the grains and fruits plump and smooth, and bright in color of vegetables and fruits, effectively reducing the accumulation of nitrate and improving agricultural products. Security.

3. Enhance the stress resistance of crops. The effective bacteria contained in the product have the function of secreting antibiotics and various active enzymes, which can inhibit or kill pathogenic bacteria, reduce the occurrence of diseases and enhance the stress resistance of crops, and can enhance the drought resistance, cold resistance and resistance of crops. Lodging, disease prevention and salt-alkali resistance, while also effectively preventing the occurrence of crop physiological diseases.

4. Improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers. The effective bacteria in the product can effectively secrete extracellular polysaccharides, which is the binder of the soil granule structure, can strengthen the soil granule structure, loosen the soil, improve the soil permeability and water and fertilizer retention capacity, increase the soil organic matter, activate the soil Potential nutrients, improve the supply of soil nutrients.


As base fertilizer, as top dressing

Seeding fertilizer: proper seed dressing, use in accordance with conventional seedling raising or sowing methods.



1. This product should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place.

2. This product cannot be used simultaneously with fungicides, the interval is 5-7 days.


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