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Condolences and faxes, caring and heart-warming

VIEWS: times Release Date:2023-01-19

The company launched Spring Festival visit condolence activities

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the company’s trade union will carry out the 2023 Spring Festival Warmth Sending Activity on behalf of the company to convey the company’s care and blessings to the employees in need and the families of workers with work-related injuries, and send them New Year’s greetings and good wishes Blessings, send the warmth and care of the enterprise to the hearts of employees.

The company's labor union made thorough investigations, meticulous organization, and orderly arrangements. On behalf of the company, Wang Jianbo, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and chairman of the labor union, sent more than 20,000 yuan in New Year's condolences to 14 employees in difficulty and the families of workers with work-related injuries.


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