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Difficult and difficult road to fight the epidemic, Nirvana rebirth and spring travel

VIEWS: times Release Date:2023-01-01

All employees of the company and their families:

The weather, personnel, affairs and the day remind each other, and the winter solstice is born and spring comes again.

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in early 2020, all the company's cadres and employees have worked together to overcome difficulties and carried out work closely around the two main themes of "focusing on the main business of chemical fertilizers" and "reducing costs and increasing efficiency", turning crises into opportunities, and working together to successfully develop the "three "Personal car": safety car, environmental protection car and efficiency car, and jointly won the "three major battles": the epidemic prevention war, the enterprise self-rescue war and the survival war, and successfully realized the "two correctness" of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and practiced It fulfilled the responsibility and responsibility of "being the most socially respected enterprise".

Now, based on the country's scientific research and judgment on the epidemic situation, the government has introduced a series of optimization measures, and we have entered the decisive period of the three-year battle against the "epidemic". Nowadays, enterprises have experienced partial and uninterrupted abnormal downsizing. At the same time, the end of the year is approaching, which is a critical period for us to sprint to our annual business goals, and it is also a critical period for us to control safe production. With the superposition of multiple factors, we have faced great tests and challenges.

The strong wind knows the strong grass, and the crisis shows responsibility. At this critical moment, all units of the company faced up to the difficulties, and leading cadres at all levels stepped forward to take the lead, fighting on the front line of production and rushing to the front line of the market; many cadres and employees still insisted on going to work even after the nucleic acid test was "positive", and immediately went to work when their fever subsided. , to ensure the safe and stable operation of production equipment. Here, the company's party committee, administration, and trade unions would like to express their high respect and heartfelt thanks to the cadres and employees who stick to their posts and work hard, and to the families of employees who understand, tolerate and support silently!

With 52 years of growth, Huaqiang people have proved with practical actions that they have cultivated a unique Huaqiang characteristic gene engraved in their bones. This gene is a kind of strength and belief formed by all Huaqiang people and the company through long-term running-in; this gene is also the pride and will of Huaqiang people who are not afraid of difficulties, unite as one, fight for the mission, and fight for honor; This kind of gene is also a spirit and responsibility of never looking back, daring to shine the sword, and fulfilling the mission.

Concentric dream, victory is in sight. We sincerely wish the family members and family members who are in isolation or treatment at home a speedy recovery and return to work as soon as possible! We sincerely hope that every family member who sticks to their posts must pay attention to protection and take care of their health! We firmly believe that as long as all Huaqiang people work together, watch and help each other, and unite as one, there will be no mountains that cannot be overcome

It's impossible for floating clouds to cover the sun, and spring buds after the cold winter. There is no winter that cannot be overcome, and there is no spring that will not come. Let us watch and help each other, and work together to protect the beautiful homeland of Huaqiang Chemical. We firmly believe that not only spring will come as promised, but also you and me who will be safe after the epidemic!


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