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Huaqiang New Brand Compound Fertilizer-HAO FANG ZI

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-05-10

Huaqiang New Brand Compound Fertilizer-HAO FANG ZI

Applying the traditional Chinese medicine theory of "medicine and food homology" to the production process of new fertilizers is the return of mankind to nature and the realization of "high quality, high yield, high efficiency" in modern agriculture

1 The role of endogenous bacteria

What is endogenous bacteria? It is a new type of green environmental protection plant stimulating hormone and is a plant endophyte metabolite. It improves crop yield and quality by increasing plant metabolic efficiency, increases plant resistance to abiotic stress and resilience, and improves the use of water and nutrients Rate, improve soil physical and chemical properties, and also regulate soil microbial flora.

After years of experiments, endogenous bacteria can promote the growth of food crops such as wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, vegetable crops such as rape, lettuce, cucumber, and ginger, as well as economic crops such as bananas, apples, and grapes. quality.

2. The role of humic acid

The chairman of China Humic Industry Association Zeng Xiancheng summarized the "five major effects", "three chemical effects" and "three chemical agents" of humic acid.

Five functions: improve the soil, increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizers, stimulate growth, enhance stress resistance, and improve quality.

Three effects: low carbonization, ecologicalization and high quality.

Three agents: fertilizer synergist, soil conditioner, root stimulant.

Huaqiang New Brand Compound Fertilizer-HAO FANG ZI

The effect of Haofangzi compound fertilizer

Huaqiang New Brand Compound Fertilizer-HAO FANG ZI

In 2019, part of the recipe of Haofangzi was tested on the rice field in Yichang, Hubei and the wheat field in Xiangyang. From the experiment of rice (middle rice) in Zhijiang City, 40 kg of "Fangzi" compound fertilizer 14-13-15 was used as the base fertilizer , Control compound fertilizer (15-15-15Cl) 40 kg. Topdressing is 5 kg / mu of urea in seedling stage. The "Huofangzi" compound fertilizer turns green quickly, tillers are sufficient, the basic ears are full, the grains are full, the yield is increased by 65 kg, and the yield is increased by 11%. The effect is very good. In the Xiangyang wheat experimental field, 50 kg of "Fangzizi" 14-13-15 compound fertilizer was applied per mu, and three 15 ordinary compound fertilizers were applied in the control. The yield per mu increased by 41 kg and the yield increased by 13.4%.


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