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【New product recommendation】 Our company's new seaweed fertilizer is coming soon

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-05-17

Our company's new seaweed fertilizer is coming soon

The seaweed polysaccharide synergistic compound fertilizer newly developed and produced by our company is about to be released. This product uses natural seaweed as the main raw material to polymerize a variety of active substances. The rich algae polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, mannitol, phenolic poly compounds, betaine, alginic acid and other substances in the product form a chelating system that can slowly release nutrients, prolong the fertilizer effect, and have significant antibacterial and antiviral effects. , Insect repellent effect, greatly enhance the crop's cold resistance, drought resistance, disease resistance, lodging resistance, saline-alkali resistance, so that the crop has a strong resistance to blight, virus disease, anthrax, downy mildew, gray mold, powdery mildew, wilt Resistance.

Combined with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and appropriate amounts of humic acid and trace elements, it can meet the needs of nutrients at all stages of crop growth, and obviously improve the quality of various economic crops such as fruits and vegetables, tobacco, cotton, flowers, food, etc., especially for greenhouse crops , The effect of increasing production is remarkable.

Our company's new seaweed fertilizer is coming soon


Due to different climates, soils, and application habits in different regions, the most suitable method, the best dosage, and some special crops, please consult local agricultural technicians.


1. Please keep in a cool and dry place; 2. As a base fertilizer, cover the soil after fertilization.


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