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May Day Special

VIEWS: times Release Date:2022-05-05

Pay tribute to workers and cheer for Huaqiang people


Work creates the future, struggle achieves dreams. During the "May 1st" holiday, the company's hard-working workers gave up their vacations and stuck to their respective positions, fighting the peak season, ensuring safety, promoting production, and stabilizing sales, interpreting their responsibilities with their hands, writing their dedication with their responsibilities, depicting life with sweat, and using reality Action Interpretation "Labor is the Most Glorious"! "Time is silent, labor is sound", let us appreciate the labor style of Huaqiang people!









During the "5.1" holiday, in order not to miss the agricultural work, the company's agrochemical service technicians are all on duty, giving up rest and fighting to work. On April 30, members of the department came to Mayao Village, Zhennan Village, Zhangzha Village, and the rapeseed benchmark field of Lvlinshan Village, Caoxi Town, to measure production. Predict the yield of the benchmark field crops before harvest, so as to know the yield information of the benchmark field crops early.









From May 1st to 4th, the coal yard of the material procurement center was busy, and the coal wagons continued to arrive in the dedicated line. A total of 164 wagons arrived at the station, and more than 11,000 tons of raw coal were transferred back to the company's coal storage yard. The cadres and employees of the coal yard went into battle to ensure the production needs of the company during the festival.







"May Day" is a holiday for workers, and the best way to celebrate the holiday is to work. During the "May Day" holiday, all production scheduling staff are on duty, and no one rests. The phenomenon of going to work after drinking, arriving late, leaving early, and sleeping at work must be done at every post, and every post must be checked to ensure production safety.









On May 3, the company's emergency fire brigade and the municipal fire brigade jointly carried out a firefighting and rescue drill to build a fire safety firewall during the "May 1st" period.








On May 1st, Nie Junfeng, a maintenance worker in the No. 3 section of the gas production workshop, gave his rest to others and asked to be on duty. Our enterprise needs this kind of "scalper" spirit that takes the factory as its home and does not care about personal gains and losses.












During the festival, the upgrading of equipment in the synthesis workshop will not be closed. Wang Yonghong, an old employee in the workshop maintenance class, gave up rest and took the initiative to participate in the support and reinforcement of the workshop equipment to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.








At 6:30 a.m. on May 1st, Shi Xiaojun, director of the compression workshop, and Zheng Jiangwei, a safety officer, came to the workshop to overhaul the site early to sort out the safety construction and hoisting conditions on site in advance, formulate construction plans, handle tickets, and implement safety measures. Shi Xiaojun said: "There are no holidays for safety in production. The more holidays are, the more we must tighten the string of safety to form a horizontal safety net to the edge and vertical to the end."









On May 1st, Li Huarong, a professional engineer in the electrical workshop, gave up the opportunity to reunite with his daughter and son-in-law from other places, and rushed to the workshop to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.











On May 1st, in order to improve the employees' emergency self-rescue and escape ability, the safety officer Zhao Yong organized all staff to carry out a fire protection equipment drill and evaluation activity, so that each employee could master fire protection equipment proficiently.









On May 2, Zheng Jinfeng and other 3 people from the equipment manufacturing branch carried out intensive reinforcement treatment on the cable tray under the scorching sun to ensure safe production.









On April 30, Chen Hexin, a filter press employee in the methanol workshop, gave up rest and came to the workshop to supervise the sludge treatment work, ensuring the safety of on-site loading. More than 60 tons were loaded on the same day.









On the "5.1" Labor Day, after receiving the production task from the production department, 32 employees in the organic fertilizer workshop gave up rest and stayed on the production line, participating in shift work to assist production, and ensuring the demand for fertilizer in peak seasons.









On May 1, Cao Zhitao, a maintenance worker in the gas production workshop, adhered to his post and performed his duties conscientiously, and thoroughly inspected the oil pipe joints of each furnace reversing station to ensure that the operation of the oil pressure system is absolutely under control.







During the "5.1" period, workers in the sulfur-based fertilizer workshop, including Wang Jun, Zhang Xianfeng, Lu Haiyan, and Ye Cheng, gave up their rest time and threw themselves into the production line of water-soluble fertilizers, expressing their love for work with the most beautiful persistence.








On May 1st, the finished product shippers of the Compound Fertilizer Quality Control Department maintained the process of importing, exporting and transferring goods in an orderly manner in their respective positions. On the same day, a total of 1298 tons of goods were received, 1705 tons were shipped out, and 296 tons were transshipped to ensure the safety of holidays. Successfully complete sales tasks.









On May 1st, Wu Kaiwu, a "Gold Medal Instrument Worker", led the post instrument workers to fight on the site of the two sodium automatic packaging line. Together with the manufacturer's engineers, the quality management department, and the two sodium workshop managers, they studied the problems existing in the two sodium automatic packaging, and implemented the company's special project. Coordinate instrument rectification measures.










On May 1st, the company's sales volume of compound fertilizers alone reached 2,451 tons. The neat outbound sales orders, the satisfactory service evaluations, and the warm greetings were all given to us by our drivers and friends. The affirmation of the sales, shipping and invoicing room, we have won glory with hard work in ordinary positions!










On May 1, Sun Wenjun, the director of the Urine Base Fertilizer No.1 Workshop, should have rested, but he gave up the opportunity to reunite with his family, stick to the production line and the maintenance site, and implemented the maintenance safety measures one by one to ensure safe production.










On May 1st, when the coal train arrived, all members of the first class of the logistics branch gave up their vacations and remained at work. A total of nearly 2,000 tons of raw coal was transferred throughout the day. They went all out to ensure the supply of key materials for the company, and successfully completed the company. assigned tasks.











During the festival, the 4 liquid ammonia filling workers in the three-urinary workshop stuck to their posts, adhering to the tenet of "strict performance of responsibilities and dedicated service", and implemented on-site shift shifts and 24-hour filling. The tanker carefully checked and implemented various safety regulations against the filling checklist to ensure safe filling. On April 30 alone, 630.5 tons of liquid ammonia were sold.








During the festival, Huang Fei, the main operator of the gas production workshop, used his down-to-earth work style and hard-working spirit to do his job well. On his post, he actively assisted other main operators to deal with the furnace conditions, and played a good role in "helping and leading" the young workers. Exemplary leadership.








On May 1, Wang Jun and Yang Yong, the maintenance team of the thermal power workshop, stuck to their posts, rectified and replaced the traps of the three gas posts in a timely manner to ensure smooth drainage of posts and ensured safe and stable production.




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