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VIEWS: times Release Date:2022-03-17

Promoting the best economic operation to achieve a win-win management benefit

On the morning of March 14th, the company held a sharing meeting on "Principle Analysis of Economic Operation Scheme Model". The company's general manager Xu Hualin, deputy general manager Liu Maojun, vice chairman Yang Wanjun, and deputy general manager Wang Guangsu attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by deputy general manager Niu Guofu . Heads of relevant functional departments attended the meeting.


In this training, deputy general manager Niu Guofu made a comprehensive analysis from "how to establish a combination of production and multi-variety conditions, the choice of product portfolio production plans, the pursuit of maximizing corporate value, and the real creation of large financial management as the main body". It is an important measure to further implement the "integration of industry and finance". The first is to establish the concept of product portfolio and product team, which can overcome the tendency of isolating each product; the second is to break through the traditional profit-only concept, further emancipate the mind and break the restricted area of thinking on the basis of the cash flow concept; the third is to facilitate the introduction of new Fourth, it reduces the difficulty of measurement and makes it more convenient and scientific to choose the product production plan; fifth, it can help us intuitively judge whether a certain product is directly put on the market or used as a raw material to continue processing and producing other products. product.


General Manager Xu Hualin emphasized that this year is the company's management year, focusing on the realization of management innovation and technological breakthroughs. It is also an important aspect of "business-financial integration" to train the management of the company on the "three tables" such as the balance sheet and financing knowledge. Contribution margin is the golden indicator to guide operations. Profit is the foundation, cash flow is king, and the financial model is reliable. The adjustment of production command is all-round, and big data analysis must be carried out closely around financial data. The advantage of our company is that it has a diversified product structure and can adjust the product structure in time according to the market conditions to maximize profits. Purchasing, production and sales are centered on financial accounting, forming a golden triangle to achieve the purpose of predicting purchasing, information sharing, and rapid decision-making.


Huaqiang Chemical Company has formed an annual output of 1.5 million tons of high-concentration ternary compound fertilizer, 1 million tons of urea, 800,000 tons of synthetic ammonia alcohol, 100,000 tons of organic fertilizer, 200,000 tons of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, 300,000 tons of ammonium bicarbonate, 250,000 tons of hydrogen peroxide. 100,000 tons of dimethyl ether, 80,000 tons of sodium nitrate, 50,000 tons of melamine, 100 million color film woven bags, 100 million new wall tiles, 40 million square meters of high-end ceramic tile production capacity, sales revenue exceeded 6 billion Yuan is a top 500 chemical company.

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