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Contracting mechanism promotes development, improves quality and efficiency and adds vitality

VIEWS: times Release Date:2022-03-16

Xia Ningbo, the process monitor of the sewage section of the water treatment workshop. Since the company proposed the concept of contract management in 2020, the water treatment workshop took the lead in responding, and quickly established a wastewater treatment cost research team to implement general contract management of costs for the sewage section. Xia Ningbo, as a process leader of the sewage section, took the initiative to take the initiative, focused on stabilizing the working conditions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and made solid progress, achieving fruitful results.


"Women's Captain" Exhibition

The sewage treatment section has a complete set of two-stage A/O biochemical treatment terminal system. The annual treatment capacity of heavy sewage reaches 300,000 cubic meters. The total waste water discharge outlet has domestic advanced analysis equipment such as ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, and COD. The hourly data is uploaded to the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment in real time. At present, there are 40 operators and analysis workers in the sewage section and the desalination section, of which 32 are female employees, accounting for 80% of the 10 workers in each shift. Xia Ningbo is also nicknamed "the captain of women", but he leads this group of women. Based on its own position, it blooms with splendor.


Change concept and increase efficiency

He actively changed his concept, from the previous passive operation to the current active action, and concentrated his efforts to reduce costs. By stabilizing the working conditions and controlling the pH value of the biochemical system, the consumption of liquid alkali can be reduced. First, stop 2 pretreatment primary water pressurization pumps, 260KW and 220KW respectively, and use river water pumps to directly supply desalinated water; second, through regular cleaning of blow-off towers, from 7 to 4 now To remove the tower, stop 6 sets of 30KW blow-off fans; the third is to stop the 37KW lift pump in the adjustment tank, and change the adjustment tank to flow into the A tank.

The company invested more than 1 million yuan to build a secondary sedimentation tank, which improved the water quality and treatment capacity of the wastewater terminal and reduced the consumption of various chemicals. The introduction of new screw fans with low energy consumption and high power can save more than 6,000 kwh of electricity on average per month.

The actual effect after the contract: Under the circumstance that the sewage treatment volume increased by 47%, the monthly average power consumption decreased by 19%, the alkali consumption decreased by 13%, and the glucose consumption decreased by 81%.

Those who have aspirations have their own way, and those who have no aspirations only find it difficult. In 2022, the water treatment workshop will further strengthen the refined management, strive to improve the wastewater treatment capacity, reduce costs and increase efficiency through deep cultivation, and increase the income of employees. some contribution.


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