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Huaqiang 2021 MAINPAR Pepper Special Fertilizer Demonstration and Observation Meeting in Heshuo County, Xinjiang

VIEWS: times Release Date:2021-07-18

On July 16, 2021, Huaqiang Chemical Group held the "MAINPAR Pepper Special Fertilizer" demonstration observation meeting in Wushitala Township, Heshuo County, Xinjiang. Nearly 100 major pepper growers from surrounding townships and corps participated in the observation.


The advantages of the Huaqiang pepper demonstration field are:

1 The number of fruit hanging is large, and the average number of fruit hanging per tree in the field is more than 30.

2 Pepper fields often grow poorly due to insufficient water supply and shelter from shelter forests. But Boss Fan Chili's growth is surprisingly good.

3 There are almost no pests in the field. The spots and scars on the fruits no longer exist in previous years.

4 The skin is smooth, the flesh is thick, the shape of the fruit is straight, and the commerciality is good.


The observation group visited the pepper planting demonstration base under the leadership of teacher Cao Jinqiao from Huaqiang Ecological Agriculture Technology Service Center, and carefully checked the growth of pepper. At the observation meeting, Mr. Cao Jinqiao explained in detail the cultivation and management techniques such as plot selection, mulching, seedling transplanting, water and fertilizer management, and pest control. At the same time, he answered the difficult questions raised by large-scale planters.



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