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The city's first "Huaqiang Ecological Agriculture Technology Service Center" was unveiled

VIEWS: times Release Date:2021-02-02

On the morning of January 29th, our company solemnly held the unveiling ceremony of the "Huaqiang Ecological Agriculture Technology Service Center" in Qunyi Village, Baling Street, Dangyang.

Huaqiang Ecological Agriculture Technology Service Center

This indicates that our company focuses on the main business of chemical fertilizers, accelerates the strategic layout of the industry, and seizes the commanding heights of the industry. The first-line scientific research institutions in the United Nations have launched the core strategic brand of modern agricultural services-Huaqiang Agricultural Service, which came into being!

jian hua  wan

Hua lin  Xu

The company’s party secretary and chairman Wan Jianhua and general manager Xu Hualin attended the unveiling ceremony.


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