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Model worker style

VIEWS: times Release Date:2022-02-12

Cao Wuxin: Build a strong safety gate for special equipment and be a good guardian of safe production

Cao Wuxin, special equipment supervisor in the compression workshop, an activist for joining the party, the company's "model worker" in 2021, and has been working in the company for 21 years. In the investigation of hidden dangers of special equipment, he always has a proactive working attitude, a down-to-earth and meticulous work style, and a strong sense of responsibility that is not afraid of difficulties. It has made positive contributions to the safe, stable and long-term operation of workshop equipment.

In-depth exploration of strong management


As a full-time supervisor of special equipment, he is well aware of the heavy responsibility on his shoulders. In order to find out the basic situation of the special equipment in the workshop, he checked the information, went to the site, and successively revised and improved the ledger data of the workshop's 429 pressure vessels and 124 safety valves. Work to lay a solid foundation.


The compression workshop has the most pressure vessels and pressure pipelines in the whole plant. If it is not properly detected or neglected, it may cause an accident. He insisted on inspecting the equipment in place according to the inspection plan every month. "A small shovel, a thickness gauge, and an oil bottle" are his most gorgeous equipment. The workers on the post all laughed and said: As long as you hear the sound of "tinkling" outside the operator's room, you know that "measuring" Thick" people are here again. In 2021, the company's special equipment department organized each workshop to carry out three stages of special equipment upgrade management, requiring each workshop to conduct a comprehensive dismantling and inspection of the general manager of the workshop. After receiving the task, Cao Wuxin did not let go of any bolt, any pipe clamp and pipe support, touched it with his hand, measured it with a caliper, and recorded any vibration and abnormal conditions in the book, one meter by layer. One meter back to investigate, the more concealed the place, the more he drilled into it. When he finished the investigation, there was no clean place on his body, sweat soaked his clothes, and his face was covered with butter and dust. In the appraisal activity of the Special Equipment Department, the compression workshop was highly appraised by the Special Equipment Department twice.

Implement professional management safety

It is precisely because of his conscientiousness and responsibility that he discovered many hidden dangers of special equipment in the workshop, which were dealt with in a timely manner after reporting to the workshop. It is precisely because of his unknown work that the equipment in the compression workshop is in normal operation, which ensures the long-term safe and stable operation of the compression workshop.

Lead the whole team to check for hidden dangers

In the investigation of hidden dangers of special equipment, he actively put forward reasonable suggestions to the workshop, which were adopted. He suggested that the workshop formulate regulations for the special equipment inspection and discovery of hidden dangers competition activities, and encourage everyone to participate in the special equipment hidden danger inspection work. Those who have found the most hidden dangers during the inspection will be rewarded, and those who have not been found will be punished, thus mobilizing the enthusiasm of all employees in the workshop.

At present, in the critical period of the company's in-depth development of special equipment upgrade management, Cao Wuxin will continue to shoulder heavy responsibilities and contribute to the safe operation of the company's special equipment.


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