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Celebrate the birth of a prosperous age all over the country

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Celebrate the prosperous birthday of the whole country - Huaqiang Chemical Group wishes the mother of the motherland a happy birthday!

Splendid Birthday of China

Long live the motherland!

Celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China


Celebrate the National Day in all colors,

Join hands to welcome the 20th National Congress.

The whole country is happy,

Home and Guosheng prosper in everything.

On the occasion of the National Day

All employees of Huaqiang Chemical Group

Bless the Great Motherland

Happy 73rd birthday!

Wish the Great Motherland

Prosperity, prosperity and prosperity!


Party Committee, Administration and Labor Union of Huaqiang Chemical Group

Stick to all posts during the festival

For the safe and stable operation of the company

Employees making contributions

With high respect

And holiday blessings!


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