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Pay Tribute! Huaqiang people under high temperature (Part 3)








On July 8, methanol maintenance workers braved the high temperature to overhaul the No. 2 fan of the synthetic cooling water tower. The surging soda and sweat were mixed together, and no one flinched. In order to shorten the downtime, Yang Xiaopeng and Weng Xuecheng worked continuously on the cooling water tower for 2 hours from 15:00 to 17:00 to complete the maintenance task.











On July 8, the scorching sun was blazing, and a gust of hot wind blew, causing waves of heat waves. Li Jie, the head of the sewage section of the water treatment workshop, led the mechanic to cut off the self-flow pipe of the adjustment tank to clear the blockage. In order not to affect the long-term shutdown of the system, they worked overtime. After 8 hours of hard work, the system was running normally. , they have no complaints, this is the spirit of Huaqiang people!









On July 9, the temperature reached above 36℃, and it entered the barbecue mode completely. Due to the particularity of the working environment, the personnel in the slag removal post in the gas production workshop ushered in the most "tortured" moment of the year. For the safe and stable production of the gas-making furnace, the slag removal workers wore heavy raincoats and faced the scorching sun to complete the slag removal of the gas-making furnace, and carefully implemented safety measures and labor protection.










In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of special equipment in high temperature weather, Li Jie, the supervisor of special equipment in the Sanurine Workshop, earnestly implements the testing principle of "going to the ground", overcomes the difficulties of high temperature weather, and continues to carry out testing work. He worked overtime and worked overtime to conduct special inspections of ammonia-related pipelines on the public outer pipes of the three-urinary workshop. A total of 1,600 meters of ammonia-related pipelines were inspected, and he completed the self-inspection and regular inspection of 57 equipment and 73 pipelines in the workshop.











In July, the sun is like fire. At the production site of the workshop, we are facing the most difficult season of the year. The temperature of the belt on the packaging of the urine base fertilizer No. 2 workshop is as high as 40 degrees. Check the quality of products and ensure the smooth progress of production under the premise of ensuring safety.










In the summer, the No. 1 Urine Base Fertilizer Workshop regards heatstroke prevention and cooling as a top priority, and does practical things for employees in multiple channels and in all directions. First, six new axial fans were purchased to cool the workplace. Second, two new air conditioners were purchased and an old one was repaired to ensure that the operating room has air conditioners to cool down. The third is to prepare tea supply every day, and prepare enough heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs. The fourth is to distribute ice cream to employees for free.












In order to do a good job in preventing heatstroke and cooling due to high temperature in summer, the water treatment workshop arranges a group to distribute medicines such as wind essential oil, cooling oil, and Huoxiangzhengqi pills to employees. At the same time, the workshop buys watermelons, old popsicles, small puddings, etc. Bring cool care, so that everyone can devote themselves to work in the best mental state in this hot summer.








Huaqiang Chemical Company has formed an annual output of 1.5 million tons of high-concentration ternary compound fertilizer, 1 million tons of urea, 800,000 tons of synthetic ammonia alcohol, 100,000 tons of organic fertilizer, 200,000 tons of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, 300,000 tons of ammonium bicarbonate, 250,000 tons of hydrogen peroxide. 100,000 tons of dimethyl ether, 80,000 tons of sodium nitrate, 50,000 tons of melamine, 100 million color film woven bags, 100 million new wall tiles, 40 million square meters of high-end ceramic tile production capacity, sales revenue exceeded 6 billion Yuan is a top 500 chemical company.




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