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Huaqiang Chemical was awarded the 13th place among the top 100 Chemical Fertilizer Enterprises in China in 2021.

VIEWS: times Release Date:2021-12-24

Huaqiang Chemical was awarded the 13th place among the top 100 Chemical Fertilizer Enterprises in China in 2021.


On December 16th, the "2021 (14th) China Chemical Fertilizer Top 100 Selection and Release & China Chemical Fertilizer Industry Green Development Summit Forum" sponsored by China Chemical Information Center and China Chemical Information Association, co-organized by China Agricultural Benefit and undertook by China Chemical Fertilizer Information Center was grandly held in Wuhan! The industry has witnessed the unveiling of the list of "2021 Top 100 Chinese Fertilizer Enterprises", "2021 Top 50 Chinese Special Fertilizer Enterprises" and "2021 Top 50 Chinese Bio-organic Fertilizer Enterprises". Huaqiang chemical with strong enterprise strength and focus on the main business of chemical fertilizer implementation of differentiated boutique brand strategy, once again recognized by the industry. Huaqiang Chemical won the 13th place of "2021 Top 100 Chinese Fertilizer Enterprises", the 2nd place of "2021 Top 50 Chinese Special Fertilizer Enterprises", and the 11th place of "2021 Top 50 Chinese Bio-organic Fertilizer Enterprises", and won the grand Prize of press conference awards.

Huaqiang chemical continues to focus on the chemical fertilizer industry, in line with the principle of "ecological priority, green development", adhere to the "science and technology oriented, cost-effective" product and service purpose, relying on existing resources, give play to its own advantages, transformation and upgrading, continue to extend the industrial chain, enhance development momentum. The company has an annual production capacity of 550,000 tons of synthetic ammonia alcohol, 800,000 tons of urea, 1 million tons of compound fertilizer (including 200,000 tons of value-added and efficient fertilizer), 200,000 tons of bio-organic fertilizer, and 80,000 tons of water-soluble fertilizer. The company has invested 40 million yuan to build a new fertilizer research center. Company has always been science and technology innovation as the company development strategy, and the central China agricultural university, nanjing agricultural university, university of south China agricultural university, the university of the three gorges, Yangtze river, hubei and other well-known research institutions and shen qirong academician, professor li-shu wu industries leading experts to carry out the scientific research cooperation, in view of the characteristics of new type fertilizer precision, Has developed more than 20 kinds of characteristics of new type fertilizer, including value-added efficiency of fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, microbial agents, compound microbial fertilizer, soil environmental repair product, water soluble fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, crop fertilizer, horticulture fertilizer, such as more than one category, "agriculture", "prescription" and "raise grain" and so on the characteristic of the brand new fertilizer is famous in the great river north and south, For the company to achieve the traditional chemical fertilizer industry product structure upgrade to provide a strong support.

To connect with customers, the company deeply practices the core value concept of "connection and co-existence, mutual benefit and win-win". The company has established "Huaqiang Ecological Agriculture Technology Service Center", which insists on popularizing agrochemical knowledge and technology, soil testing and fertilizer distribution knowledge, so that farmers can understand soil knowledge, guide scientific fertilization, and provide value-added services for customers.

In the future, Huaqiang Chemical will adhere to the strategy of focusing on chemical fertilizer industry, continue to uphold the concept of sustainable development in production and manufacturing, product research and development and model innovation, and continue to promote the technological progress of the industry, so as to contribute to the green and sustainable development of China's agriculture.


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