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NPK16-20-5 high concentration compound fertilizer manufacturer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-01-09

Q: What kind of fertilizer is suitable for 16-20-5

A: This fertilizer formula is suitable for growing leafy vegetables such as spinach, leek and cabbage.

Q: NPK16-20-5 compound fertilizer product features:


  1. Good raw material quality. The high-quality granular urea, monoammonium phosphate produced by our group company and imported large-sized potassium fertilizer are selected as raw materials. The particles are uniform, the compressive strength is high, and the moisture content is low.

2. Variety. Our company has designed a variety of fertilizer formulas based on the theory of balanced fertilization based on the soil conditions and fertilizer requirements of crops in different regions. It can effectively add trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, and zinc required by crops, and the oxygen content is sufficient. , Can meet the overall demand for nutrients in different growing seasons of crops.

3. Easy to apply. The granules of the product are uniform, which is conducive to manual application or mechanical application. The granules have good solubility. After a brief contact with the soil, the nutrients can be released in an appropriate amount, easily absorbed by the crop, and fertilized for a long time.

4. Stable quality. Strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality system standards. The total nutrient content or single nutrient content of the product conforms to the packaging label. All technical indicators are equal to or higher than national standards.


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