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NPK18-18-18 amino acid compound fertilizer supplier

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-01-10

NPK18-18-18 amino acid compound fertilizer product manual


N + P2O5 + K2O≥54%

Net content: 50kg

NPK18-18-18 (medium chloride)

NPK18-18-18 (humic acid)

NPK18-18-18 (potassium fulvic acid)

NPK18-18-18 Features

1. Originating from nature, super absorption

Potassium fulvic acid is derived from plants and is the organic potassium in plants. High absorption rate, 3 times higher than ordinary potassium.

2. Drought resistance

Potassium fulvic acid can reduce the stomata opening of plant leaves, reduce leaf evaporation, reduce water consumption, improve water conditions in plants, and increase leaf moisture content.


Potassium fulvic acid can stimulate the enzyme activity in the plant. By regulating and catalyzing the cells in the plant, it accelerates the absorption of water and nutrients, enhances osmotic pressure and other metabolic activities, in order to stimulate the plant to physiologically adapt to the cold winter living environment to varying degrees Reduction of frost damage.

4, disease resistance

The use of potassium fulvic acid can increase soil organic matter content, provide an excellent environment for beneficial microorganisms, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and strengthen disease resistance.


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