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48% (16-16-16) chelated humic acid compound fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-01-07


N: P: K 16-16-16 Product description:

Total nutrients ≥48%

N: P: K 16-16-16

Net content: 50kg

(16-16-16) Compound Fertilizer (Medium Chlorine)

(16-16-16) Compound fertilizer (humic acid)

N: P: K 16-16-16 Production Process: 

Amino Acid Compound Fertilizer Process

N: P: K 16-16-16 Scope of application: 

It is especially suitable for various field and fruit and vegetable crops. It can be used as base fertilizer or topdressing fertilizer.

N: P: K 16-16-16 Features

1. High nutrient content, many main nutrients

2.Small secondary components and uniform structure

3, less hygroscopicity, should not be agglomerated


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