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Coriander field management

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Cilantro is a familiar flavor-enhancing vegetable, resembling celery, with small and tender leaves, slender stems and strong flavor. Coriander can be cultivated in all seasons, and field management needs to be done in the following aspects.

Coriander field management

1. Site preparation

Choose the soil with more fertile soil, good watering conditions, drought and waterlogging can drain, and no coriander has been planted for many years.

Second, sowing

(1) Seed requirements: select varieties with heat resistance, late bolting, and fast growth.

(2) Sowing method: Soak the seeds with clean water for 24-28 hours before sowing, and then place them on a damp, non-polluting sack flat, 2-3 cm in thickness, and cover with a damp sack and keep the temperature at 20-25 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, turning 1-2 times a day, after 3-4 days, buds can be sown.

(3) Sowing depth: 2~3 cm

(4) Weeding: spray herbicide 1-2 days after sowing.

3. Seedling management

1. The main objective: to ensure that the seedlings are complete, complete and strong, and at the same time, take better measures to prevent high temperature, low temperature, pests and weeds from adverse weather and environmental conditions.

2. Standard for strong seedlings: strong growth, moderate height, thick stems, large and thick leaves; normal leaf color, but the leaves do not fall off or turn yellow early; the root system is well-developed, the fibrous roots are well developed, the plants grow neatly, and disease-free seedlings, etc.

Four, field management

(1) The height of the seedlings is about 5 cm, that is, when the seedlings grow 2-3 true leaves, the seedlings should be thinned 1-2 times, and the distance between the seedlings should be 3-5 cm. After the last thinning, the first top dressing should be combined with irrigation.

(2) The seedling height is 7-8 cm and the second fertilizer is applied.

(3) Because coriander is not drought-tolerant, the requirements for moisture during the growth period are relatively high. To keep the soil moist, in order to reduce the temperature, you can use straw curtains to cover the shade or use the shade net to cover. Spray foliar fertilizer on the leaves in the late growth period, spraying 1 to 2 times, and stop spraying 15 days before harvest.

(4) In the process of planting coriander, one or two large-scale weeding is required to prevent weeds from absorbing nutrients from the soil.


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