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What kind of fertilizer is good for growing wheat?

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-09-21

It's about time to grow wheat. What kind of fertilizer should we buy for wheat? Nowadays, there are many kinds of fertilizers in the agricultural materials and fertilizer stores, so you don't know which fertilizer to buy. There are all kinds of fertilizers with different contents and different formulas. So what is the most suitable base fertilizer for wheat?

What kind of fertilizer is good for growing wheat?

Before choosing chemical fertilizers, let us first understand the law of wheat fertilizer requirements. The growth period of wheat is relatively long. From sowing to harvest, the entire growth period takes about 220 days. It is the longest growth period in the crop, so it requires more fertilizer, and wheat will experience shortly after sowing to emergence. In the severe winter, when choosing chemical fertilizers, we should choose chemical fertilizers with different nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, and choose chemical fertilizers with medium nitrogen, high phosphorus, and low potassium as base fertilizer.

Why choose medium nitrogen, high phosphorus and low potassium? Because the three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium have different functions throughout the growth period of wheat. When choosing wheat base fertilizer, you don’t need too high nitrogen fertilizer. If you choose high-nitrogen fertilizer, the wheat will grow vigorously after emergence. After winter, its cold resistance will be greatly reduced, and death will occur. Seedlings and freezing damage.

Why choose high-phosphorus fertilizer as base fertilizer? Phosphate fertilizer can promote more roots in wheat, and only when there are more roots will the seedlings grow stronger, and the ability to absorb water and fertilizer will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, it will not freeze to death and frostbite in winter, and its cold resistance will be greatly improved. Another advantage of high phosphorus is that phosphate fertilizer can promote more tillers and achieve high yield in the later stage.

Why choose low-potassium base fertilizer for wheat? For two reasons

1. Wheat does not need too much potassium (Wheat needs about 5 kilograms of potassium per 200 kilograms of grain, which requires less potassium).

2. Potassium fertilizer is more expensive. If you choose high-potassium fertilizer, the cost is too high and wheat can't absorb it, causing waste. Let me share with you two commonly used selection criteria: the first is 17-18-5; the second is 15-22-8.


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