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Fulvic acid Synergistic effect on potash fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-07-27

Fulvic acid  Synergistic effect on potash fertilizer

The acidic functional group of fulvic acid can absorb and store potassium ions, reducing the amount of potassium lost with water in sandy soil and soil with strong leaching. Fulvic acid can prevent the fixation of potassium by clay soil and increase the quantity of exchangeable potassium. Fulvic acid has a dissolution effect on potassium-containing minerals, slowly increasing the release of potassium, and increasing the soil available potassium content. Fulvic acid can also use its biological activity to stimulate and regulate the physiological metabolism of crops, increasing the potassium absorption by more than 30%. 

The combination of fulvic acid and potassium can promote photosynthesis, can significantly increase the absorption and utilization of nitrogen by plants, and quickly convert it into protein, and can also promote economical water use by plants.


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