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Fulvic acid Promote the absorption of micronutrient fertilizers, effectively solve the deficiency

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-08-01

Potassium Fulvic Acid Compound Fertilizer

The trace elements in fulvic acid chelation form a fulvic acid chelate that is highly mobile and easily absorbed by crops, and is transmitted to the lack of nutrients in the crops, effectively solving the deficiency of nutrients.

The growth and development of crops requires not only a large number of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, but also trace elements such as iron, boron, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, and copper. They are the constituents of a variety of enzymes in the crops, which can promote the normal growth of crops Improving disease resistance, increasing yield and improving quality have important effects.

Most of the trace elements in the soil are in an ineffective state that is difficult for plants to absorb, and the application of trace element fertilizers to the soil can also be easily fixed by the soil.

Studies have shown that: Fulvic acid can chelate with iron, zinc and other trace elements to form a fulvic acid trace element chelate that has good solubility and is easily absorbed by plants, such as fulvic acid-Zn and fulvic acid-Mn , Fulvic acid-Fe, etc., are beneficial to the absorption of roots or leaves, and can promote the movement of trace elements from roots to above ground.

Experiments show that the number of iron fulvic acid entering the plant from the root is 32% more than that of ferrous sulfate, and the number of moving in the leaves is twice that of ferrous sulfate, increasing the chlorophyll content by 15-45%, effectively solving the problem caused by iron deficiency Yellow leaves.

Huaqiang Chemical's urea-based fertilizer workshop drum production line has developed a new compound fertilizer product---potassium yellow humate 18-18-18, which not only broadens the variety of Huaqiang Chemical compound fertilizer products, but also enhances the company's market share of high-end compound fertilizer. It also improves the company's compound fertilizer product quality and market competitiveness.


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