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Fulvic acid Synergistic effect on phosphate fertilizer

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-07-27

 Fulvic acid  Synergistic effect on phosphate fertilizer

The degraded nitro fulvic acid can increase the distance that phosphorus moves in the soil, inhibit the fixation of water-soluble phosphorus in the soil, convert ineffective phosphorus into effective phosphorus, and promote the absorption of phosphorus by roots. Use fulvic acid to protect water-soluble phosphate fertilizers or phosphorus-based compound fertilizers to reduce phosphorus fixation; promote phosphorus absorption and improve phosphorus fertilizer utilization. 

Fertilizer efficiency test shows that adding 10-20% fulvic acid to ordinary calcium, heavy calcium or ammonium phosphate can increase fertilizer efficiency by 10-20% and increase phosphorus absorption by 28-39%. The radioactive phosphorus tracing test determines the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer. After adding fulvic acid, the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer in the season increased from 15.4% to 19.3%, that is, the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer increased by a quarter.

Fulvic acid combined with phosphate fertilizer participates in photosynthesis, respiration, energy storage and transmission, cell division, cell enlargement and other processes in plants.


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