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How to fertilize flowers

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To fertilize flowers, pay attention to the time, the four seasons according to their growth needs, and generally stop fertilizing in winter. In addition, combined with their needs for fertilizer, choose appropriate nitrogen or phosphorus potassium fertilizer to make their growth better. When applying fertilizer, thin fertilizer should be applied frequently to avoid burning roots with thick fertilizer; after applying fertilizer, permeable irrigation should be carried out in time to make it absorb nutrients better.

1. Timely fertilization

How to fertilize flowers

To fertilize flowers, we need to choose the vigorous growth period. For example, in spring, flowers generally need more fertilizer, which needs to meet their fertilizer demand. Although flowers are growing in summer and autumn, the fertilizer demand is relatively reduced, so fertilization can be reduced. When the dormancy period in winter, fertilization can be stopped, so as to avoid the occurrence of compost when flowers do not absorb.

2. Fertilizer selection

How to fertilize flowers

For flowers in different growth stages, appropriate fertilizer should be selected for fertilization. If the branches and leaves are in the vigorous growth stage, nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to promote their better development, but when they bloom, the fertilizer should be changed to phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote their flower bud differentiation and blossom more and more beautiful.

3. Apply thin fertilizer frequently

How to fertilize flowers

In how to fertilize flowers, we should pay attention to the application of thin fertilizer frequently. It is not allowed to apply thick fertilizer to flowers and plants, which is easy to cause their roots to be burned by thick fertilizer, so that they can not grow normally, or even die. It is necessary to dilute the decomposed fertilizer with water, and then apply a small amount of it for many times to supplement nutrients.

4. Water after fertilizer

Generally, after fertilization, in order to make the plants absorb nutrients better, the last is to conduct a water permeable irrigation in time after fertilization, which can promote the fertilizer to infiltrate into the soil better, make the plants absorb sufficient nutrients and grow stronger. Be careful not to water the leaves with fertilizer or over water.


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