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Best NPK fertilizer for Apple tree

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The production of high-quality apples is dominated by organic fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers, maintaining and gradually improving soil fertility and promoting soil microbial activity. Organic fertilizer promotes the use of farm fertilizers such as compost, manure, biogas fertilizer, cake fertilizer, crop straw fertilizer, etc., but must be subjected to harmless treatment before application, such as high temperature fermentation.

Best NPK fertilizer for Apple tree

base fertilizer

The basic fertilizer is an important fertilization once a year, and the application amount (including organic fertilizer) calculated according to the content of nutrients should account for 40% -60% of the whole year. The basic fertilizer should be mainly organic fertilizer, with calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, fruit tree compound fertilizer.

top dressing

The soil is topdressed 3 times throughout the year, with quick-acting potash and phosphate fertilizers as the main components, and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium are used reasonably.

Foliar fertilizer

Foliar top dressing can quickly supplement the mineral elements necessary for the growth and development of fruit trees, and can be sprayed 4 times a year.

Apple special fertilizer

NPK 15-14-16s, NPK15-8-20s, NPK15-6-9


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