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Best NPK fertilizer for Soybean

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The fertilization system of soybean generally consists of base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and top dressing. The principle of fertilization is not only to ensure that soybeans have sufficient nutrition, but also to exert the nitrogen-fixing effect of rhizobia.

Best NPK fertilizer for Soybean

1. Apply base fertilizer

The base fertilizer is recommended to use compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Generally, the compound fertilizer is about 30kg per mu, and the decomposed organic fertilizer is about 2000kg.

Best NPK fertilizer for Soybean

2. Application of fertilizer

Seed fertilizer is a fertilizer that is applied along with the seeds when the soybeans are sown, mainly to improve the germination of the seeds and provide nutrients, so that they can emerge smoothly and safely. Generally, 10 kg to 15 kg of superphosphate or 5 kg of diammonium phosphate are used as seed fertilizer per mu, and the boron-deficient soil is added with 0.4 to 0.6 kg of borax.

Best NPK fertilizer for Soybean

3. Top dressing in time

Generally, top dressing is based on root top dressing and foliar spraying. The top dressing of roots is based on the growth and flowering state of the plant at the seedling and flowering stages. The top dressing is mainly based on urea; and the foliar spraying is to supplement the trace elements that the plant lacks, especially trace elements such as boron, molybdenum, and zinc. Pod stage.

Best NPK fertilizer for Soybean

4. Fertilization method

The initial fertilization is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, supplemented by phosphate fertilizer, and in the pod-forming period, it should be mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and less nitrogen fertilizer is applied, when the pod demand for phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is greater. In the later period, an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer should be applied to provide trace elements to achieve the purpose of high yield and excellent yield.

Soybean special fertilizer

Shotcrete 14-16-15, 15-15-15. Ammonia potassium sulfate: 17-17-17


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