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Best NPK fertilizer for Wheat

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Fertilization plan of wheat in different periods

Wheat needs a large amount of nitrogen in the early stage, a lot of potassium in the middle stage, and a lot of phosphorus in the later stage, but the phosphorus fertilizer can not be applied late. The phosphorus absorbed in the early stage can be transferred to the grain, while the late stage is only at the root. Boron fertilizer is a trace element, which can promote the development of florets, increase the seed setting rate and 1000-grain weight in the wheat booting stage.

Best NPK fertilizer for Wheat

1. Seedling stage (mainly vegetative reproduction, the main stage of the formation of vegetative organs): sufficient base fertilizer: to ensure the needs of nutrients for wheat seedling growth, promote early rooting and early tillering, which is conducive to the cultivation of strong seedlings and growth after spring lay the foundation. For example: 18-18-18, 22-16-16 and other balanced or high nitrogen compound fertilizers, 40-60 kg / mu.

2. Spike stage (vegetative growth + reproductive growth, multiple NK): jointing to flowering is the period when wheat absorbs the most nutrients in its lifetime. It needs more nitrogen and potassium nutrients, promotes strong stalk resistance to lodging, consolidates the number of ears, and increases the rate of ears , To create good conditions for wheat grouting. For example: 28-0-0 high nitrogen fertilizer, 20-25 kg / mu.

3. Flowering stage (multi-NP): After the flowering of the panicle, good nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition should be maintained to prevent defertilization and premature aging, promote the transformation and migration of photosynthetic products, promote wheat grain filling, fullness, and increase grain weight. For example: a large number of elements of water-soluble fertilizer, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. combined with one spray and three foliar sprays.

The absorption and utilization peak of fertilizer (NPK) in various growth stages of wheat

Best NPK fertilizer for Wheat

1) There are two peaks of nitrogen absorption: emergence to jointing: 40%, among which tillering to overwintering 10-12%; jointing to poplar: 30-40%.

2) There are two peaks of phosphorus absorption: Tillering stage: 30%, so phosphorus is important for wheat tillering, so wheat seedlings need high phosphorus; booting to maturity: 40% most, because jointing to poplar is one The absorption rate increased sharply after the peak.

3) There are two peaks of potassium absorption: tillering period: 30%; jointing to booting, flowering period (maximum): 60%, the maximum amount of absorption when flowering.

Special fertilizer for wheat

25-13-7, 25-14-6, 25-17-9, 27-17-7, 27-14-9 (high tower process)

24-15-8, 18-12-10, 18-18-18, 23-20-7, 21-14-7 (drum humic acid process) the crop is suitable for high nitrogen and high phosphorus formula

15-15-15, 16-16-16, 17-17-17, 18-18-18 (ammoniation process)

If balanced chlorine base is selected, nitrogen element shall be supplemented during application


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