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Introduction to Soil Science

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一, Basic Concepts of Soil:

一,The importance and role of soil in the earth's surface system

  1. Five circle concepts:

Atmosphere: The air surrounding the Earth.

Biosphere: The portion of living organic matter in the Earth's environment.

Hydrosphere: All bodies of water in or near the Earth's surface.

lithosphere: the outer layer of the solid part of the earth

The pedosphere: the continuous or discontinuous portion of the earth's surface


  1. Definition of soil

 Because different scientists have different understandings of the concept of soil, the description of soil is not completely consistent.

 The more widely used classic definition is: soil is the loose surface layer on the open surface of the earth that can grow green plants.

2. Basic characteristics of soil

The limited amount of soil resources

    Destruction of soil resources = eating ancestors' rice, breaking the way of descendants


Regeneration and quality variability of soil resources

     With proper governance, the soil is always new.

   soil erosion, land desertification, soil salinization, soil

     Contaminated and degraded soil fertility.

The fixedness of the spatial distribution of soil resources

     The distribution law of climate, organisms and vegetation determines the soil resources.

      The regularity of the spatial distribution of the source on the ground, that is, the spatial location of the

      relative stability.


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