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Good watermelon-Huaqiang's new fertilizer Hunan Fertilizer Revisited

VIEWS: times Release Date:2021-07-28

Boss Cao has been growing watermelons for seven or eight years. This year, he used Huaqiang 17-17-17 sulfur-based compound fertilizer as the base fertilizer, and 15-15-15 nitrosulfur-based fertilizer for crop topping and 20-20-20 large-element water-soluble fertilizer. The overall growth of watermelons is good, and boss Cao expects that the yield per mu can reach about 7,000 jin.

Good watermelon-Huaqiang's new fertilizer Hunan Fertilizer Revisited

When I came to the demonstration site of Boss Cao, it was obvious at a glance that the shape of the watermelon was more round and beautiful, and the color was brighter. The sugar content is an important factor affecting the taste of watermelon. Field measurement shows that the average sugar content of watermelon in the demonstration field is 11.1%.


With the end of the measurement, the grower Cao also laughed. He said that this year's watermelon is of high quality and looks good, and it will surely be able to sell at a good price. Thanks to Huaqiang's fertilizer, it is really a good brand.


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