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NPK 20-20-20 +TE water soluble fertilizer 5kg 10kg 20kg factory Outlet

VIEWS: times Release Date:2021-07-03

NPK 20-20-20 +TE fertilizer contains comprehensive and balanced nutrition, has a wide range of applications, and is suitable for plants throughout the entire period. It can be used in conjunction with various elemental fertilizers to meet the specific requirements for nutrients in a specific period.

 NPK 20-20-20 +TE water soluble fertilizer 5kg 10kg 20kg factory Outlet

NPK 20-20-20 +TE fertilizer product features

Function and special effect: This product adopts advanced purification technology, the product has high purity and good water solubility; crop absorption is fast, easy to digest, no pollution, no residue. It can quickly meet the demand for phosphorus and potassium in different periods of crops, promote rooting, strong seedlings, jointing and fruiting, and can well enhance crop resistance to retrograde, lodging, and improve fruit quality. It is especially suitable for green ecological pollution-free agricultural products. fat.


Quickly dissolves in water: The product is 100% soluble in water and is suitable for all kinds of crops and soils, especially for foliar spraying and drip irrigation in dry and rainless areas. There is no need to stir during the application process, which is suitable for various irrigation and fertilization systems and has a cleaning effect on pipelines.

Nutrient quick-acting: The phosphorus in the product is in the form of phosphate ions, which are all available phosphorus. Nitrogen is in the form of ammonium ions, and potassium is in the form of potassium ions. It is easy to be quickly absorbed by crops, and the effect of less fertilizer is obvious.

Green and safe: It does not contain chloride ions and other harmful impurities, and long-term application will not harden the soil.


Applicable crops

All kinds of cash crops, fruits, vegetables and other crops are universally applicable


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