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【Agricultural Technology Lecture Hall】Features of corn fertilizer requirement and fertilization technology

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【Agricultural Technology Lecture Hall】Features of corn fertilizer requirement and fertilization technology

Characteristics of corn fertilizer

Maize is a high-yield crop with tall plants, well-developed root systems, strong fertility absorption capacity, and a lot of nutrients. The amount and ratio of nutrients absorbed by corn vary with variety characteristics, soil conditions, yield levels, and cultivation methods. When determining the specific fertilization amount, it is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics of the variety.

The amount and proportion of nutrients absorbed by corn vary greatly in different growth stages. The seedling stage has small plants, slow growth and little nutrient absorption; jointing, booting to heading and flowering stages are the stages where corn vegetative growth and reproductive growth go hand in hand. The growth speed is fast and the absorption of nutrients is large, which is the key period for fertilization.

Corn fertilization method

1. Base fertilizer:

According to the fertilizer requirements and characteristics of corn growth, compound fertilizers with high nitrogen, low phosphorus and high potassium should be selected, and compound fertilizers with a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should not be used as base fertilizer. In addition, according to the fertilizer requirements and characteristics of corn, "HAOFANGZI" and "YANGJIA" series of compound fertilizers can be used for application, which can increase the stress resistance of corn and promote the weight gain of corn in the later stage to achieve the purpose of increasing yield.

2. Top dressing:

The absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the seedling stage of maize is less, the jointing stage increases significantly, and the peak is reached from booting to heading stage. Among them, the jointing to the big bell mouth stage, especially the big bell mouth stage is the key period for top dressing. During this period, the absolute and relative amounts of nutrients required by corn are the largest, the absorption rate is also the fastest, and the effect of fertilizer is the greatest.

3. Corn is sensitive to zinc. It is recommended to apply 1kg zinc sulfate fertilizer along with the base fertilizer per mu or spray foliar fertilizer in an appropriate period.

Common problem

1. Due to the dependence on soil fertility or labor shortage, the phenomenon of one-time application of nitrogen fertilizer is more common. In some areas, the phenomenon of burning seeds and seedlings in the early stage of fertilizer and defertilization in the later stage occurs from time to time.

2. Some fields have not been applied with farm manure or straw returned to the field for a long time, resulting in a downward trend in soil fertility. In some fields, long-term shallow ploughing hinders root development and reduces the use of fertilizer and water.

3. In the later stage, the plants are tall and the field operation is difficult, so the top dressing period is often advanced in the jointing stage; for the same reason, top dressing is often applied topically, without covering soil after application. These practices make the fertilizer efficiency not fully utilized.


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