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Ammonium bicarbonate is the action and the use method

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As a traditional fertilizer, ammonium bicarbonate is still popular with the majority of farmers. What is the role of ammonium bicarbonate today? What are the methods of using ammonium bicarbonate?

Ammonium bicarbonate is the action and the use method

One、 What fertilizer is ammonium bicarbonate

Ammonium bicarbonate is the action and the use method

Ammonium bicarbonate is a non sulfate nitrogen fertilizer, slightly heavier than granular urea, and is easy to dissolve in water. Agricultural ammonium bicarbonate is a white or light color crystal, and the purity of ammonium bicarbonate nitrogen is 17.72%. Because ammonium bicarbonate is a non sulfate nitrogen fertilizer, it not only releases carbon dioxide but also has ammonium nitrogen. Its elements are all nutrients of crops, which is in line with the absorption mechanism of crops, and is an ideal material for the synthesis of amino acids. As far as the nutrient function of fertilizer is concerned, ammonium carbide is all directly absorbed fertilizer, which does not contain intermediate products and final decomposition products, and long-term application does not affect soil quality. It is a kind of important nitrogen fertilizer used by farmers in rural areas of our country.

Two、 What are the functions of ammonium bicarbonate

Ammonium bicarbonate is the action and the use method

1. Fast and efficient

Compared with urea, urea can not be absorbed directly by crops after being applied to soil. A series of transformations are needed under the condition of satisfying the conditions, so that the effect of fertilization is later. Ammonium carbide is absorbed by soil colloid immediately after application, which can be directly used by crops, and it will be effective on the same day.

2. After the double fertilizer ammonium bicarbonate was applied to the soil, ammonia and carbon dioxide were formed, and ammonia was used by the root system of the crops; Carbon dioxide is directly absorbed by crops as a gas fertilizer.

3. The insect repellent, germicidal application of ammonium carbide, the soil pests can be quickly killed or removed, and can poison harmful bacteria.

4. Compared with other nitrogen fertilizer with the same fertilizer, ammonium carbide is more economical and affordable, and ammonium carbide is absorbed by crops without residue, which will not cause any harm to the soil.

Three、 The use method of ammonium bicarbonate

1. It can be used as nitrogen fertilizer for various soils, and can provide ammonium nitrogen and carbon dioxide for crop growth at the same time, but it has low nitrogen content and is easy to agglomerate;

2. It is used as analytical reagent, and also used for synthesis of ammonium salt and degreasing of fabrics;

3. Used as chemical fertilizer;

4. It can promote the growth and Photosynthesis of crops, promote the seedling and long leaves, and can be used as the fertilizer for the top fertilizer, or as the base fertilizer directly, and used as the food fermentor and expansion agent;

5. As chemical bentonite, China stipulates that it can be used for all kinds of food which need to add the bentonite, and it can be used in proper amount according to the production demand;

6. It is used as a high-grade fermentor for food. It can be used as the raw materials of bread, biscuit, pancake and other bulking agents, and also used as the raw material of foaming powder juice. It is also used for blanching of green vegetables, bamboo shoots, medicine and reagents;

7. Alkali; The expansion agent; Buffer; Inflator. It can be used as raw materials for the expansion agent of bread, biscuit, pancake and so on. The fermentation powder is also made up of the product and acid. It is also used as raw material of foaming powder juice, such as green vegetables, bamboo shoots, etc. when scalding and bleaching, 0.1% ~ 0.3%;

8. Used as fertilizer for agricultural products.

9. Ammonium bicarbonate has the advantages of quick acting, cheap, economical, non binding soil, suitable for various crops and various soils, can be used as base fertilizer and as fertilizer dressing, and so on, which is popular with farmers. The annual consumption accounts for about 1/4 of the total nitrogen production, which is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer product in China except urea.


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