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Technical specifications for NPK 23:10:5 + 6S + 1zn

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Technical specifications for NPK 23:10:5 + 6S + 1zn,including applicable standards

Technical specifications for NPK 23:10:5 + 6S + 1zn

ii) Formulation:

a)  Nitrogen – N 23%:  The ratio between Ammonium – N and Nitrate – N should be approximately 55% Ammonium – N to 45% Nitrate-N

b) Phosphate (P2O5) 10%:  100% neutral Ammonium Citric Solution 80% water soluble.

c) Potassium (K2O) 5%:  The content should be between 4 and 6% with > 90% water soluble K compounds.

d) Sulphur (S) 6% content should be 5.5-7% all in soluble sulphate form or 6.5-8% sparingly soluble in water.

e) Zinc (Zn) 1% Contain at least 1% water soluble zinc.

f) Moisture Content – 1% maximum determined as free water granular complex fertilizer.  Granular screen size range minimum 90% 2-5mm. Granular size to be uniformed for all the mixes in blended fertilizers.

g) Free flowing product.

ii)  Packaging:

All bags must comply with the following specifications:-

Technical specifications for NPK 23:10:5 + 6S + 1zn

Woven polypropylene outer bag with white inner liner of Polyethylene or similar material.

(ii)  The inner liner should be minimum of 90 microns.

(iii) The inner liner to be heat sealed or separately stitched together with the outer bag.

The outer bag must be:


- 80 grams per square metre.

- 10 x 10 threads per square inch, non-slip with a tolerance of 2 percent.

- Size for 50kg bags – 56 x 91 cm

Stitching on outer bag will be 2-3 cm from the end of the bag.


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