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Best fertilizer for vegetable garden

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How to grow high-quality vegetables in small rural vegetable gardens and how to choose fertilizer? Choose a suitable piece of land.

Best fertilizer for vegetable garden

(1) Loose soil

In crop planting, this one is always ranked first, and loose soil can make crops easier to grow.

(2) Soil with moderate pH

Ph is the meaning of acidity and alkalinity. The higher the value of ph, the more alkaline the soil. Conversely, if the pH value is lower, it means that the soil is too acidic. Around ph6, suitable for the growth of most crops.

(3) Fertile land

Fertilizer can not only provide sufficient nutrients for crops and improve the quality, but also improve the fertility of the soil and make the soil more fertile

There are many types of fertilizers. To distinguish flying fertilizers from a major perspective, it is nothing more than farmyard manure, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. What is the connection between them?

Farmyard manure

Kitchen garbage in our daily lives can be processed into farmyard manure. We only need to put the kitchen garbage in a closed container. After a period of fermentation, it can become farmyard manure after mixing with water.

Organic Fertilizer

If you want the vegetables in your vegetable garden to become green, you must apply more organic fertilizer. The advantage of organic fertilizer is that its nutrient elements are relatively comprehensive, and the content of organic matter is relatively high, which is good for improving the quality of the soil. The manure of animals and livestock can be processed into organic fertilizer.


Chemical fertilizer is the most widely used fertilizer in today's production, mainly because of its single nutrient element, high nutrient content and high fertilizer efficiency. Chemical fertilizer is actually a kind of fertilizer made by chemical means, which is basically customized for specialized crops. For example, cucumber needs this kind of fertilizer, corn needs this kind of fertilizer, etc.

Summary: For small vegetable gardens grown by farmers, do not use a single fertilizer for a long time. If you use a single fertilizer for a long time, it will be counterproductive. If you must use chemical fertilizers, use nitrogen-based fertilizers, because the nutrient element needed by many vegetables is nitrogen.


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