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What are the factors that affect nitrogen utilization?

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Fertilizer utilization rate is a variable, which is restricted by many factors: soil Ph value, such as soil fertility level, crop types and varieties, irrigation conditions, fertilizer types, fertilizer amount, and fertilization methods have a great influence on fertilizer utilization rate. Therefore, fertilizer utilization is a comprehensive response of these factors.

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Reasons for the low utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer:

According to statistics, the nitrogen utilization rates of several major nitrogen fertilizers are: 25%-30% ammonium bicarbonate, 30%-35% urea, and 35%-40% ammonium sulfate. At present, the average utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer in my country is 35%. The main reasons for the low nitrogen utilization rate are:

(1) Nutrient loss. A large number of facts show that the main way of nitrogen fertilizer loss is ammonia volatilization of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, which also includes the volatilization of ammonia after urea conversion; direct leaching of nitrate nitrogen fertilizer and urea, and the loss of gaseous nitrogen caused by denitrification in paddy fields. If you want to improve the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer, you should try to prevent this loss. Improper fertilization method is the main cause of nutrient loss.

(2) The amount of fertilizer applied is too large. The most prominent is the excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen utilization rate is defined as the percentage of the amount of nitrogen absorbed by crops from fertilizer to the amount of nitrogen applied to fertilizer. It can be seen that increasing the input of nitrogen fertilizer will inevitably reduce the nitrogen utilization rate. Because, although the nitrogen uptake of crops will increase with the increase in fertilizer application, the amount of nitrogen uptake by crops is limited, and it is impossible to increase simultaneously with the fertilizer application. As a result, the more nitrogen that exceeds the normal requirement, the lower the nitrogen utilization rate.

(3) Improper nutrient distribution ratio. Due to the partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, the ratio of fertilization nutrients is not balanced, and it will also affect the absorption and utilization of nitrogen fertilizer by crops, so the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer is not high. This has often not attracted people's attention.

Improving the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer can start from the following aspects:

In general, the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer can be moderately increased. You can start from the following two aspects.

From the agronomic perspective, it can be taken: ① deep application of soil; ② formula fertilization; ③ combination of water and fertilizer, etc. These measures can improve fertilizer utilization.

From the perspective of process, it can be adopted: ①modification of ammonium bicarbonate to produce long-acting ammonium bicarbonate; ②coating technology to produce coated urea; ③production of controllable slow-release urea, etc. These measures can greatly improve the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer The rate is 10-30 percentage points.


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