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What is the difference between bio-organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer?

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-11-16

After aerobic or anaerobic fermentation, the compost or retting is the organic fertilizer, while the bio-organic fertilizer is inoculated (Bacillus) or directly mixed into the decomposed organic fertilizer (fungal spores) to produce spores. Bacillus or Trichoderma fungal bio-organic fertilizer.

What is the difference between bio-organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer?

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to a special fertilizer containing clear functional microbial strains. The product contains not only decomposed organic fertilizer, but also a specified number of functional bacteria. It is an organic unity of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer, and belongs to the category of microbial fertilizer. Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The effect of bio-organic fertilizer:

1. Condition the soil, activate the microbial activity rate in the soil, overcome soil compaction, and increase soil air permeability.

2. Reduce water loss and evaporation, reduce the pressure of drought, preserve fertilizer, reduce chemical fertilizers, reduce salt-alkali damage, improve soil fertility while reducing chemical fertilizer consumption or gradually replacing chemical fertilizers, so that food crops, cash crops, vegetables, The production of melons and fruits increased substantially.

3. To improve the quality of agricultural products, the fruits are bright in color, tidy, mature and concentrated. The sugar content and vitamin content of melon agricultural products have been improved, and the taste is good, which is conducive to expanding exports and increasing prices.

4. Enhance crop disease resistance and stress resistance, reduce crop diseases and soil-borne diseases caused by continuous cropping, and reduce the incidence; it has a good effect on the prevention and control of mosaic disease, black shank and anthracnose. At the same time, the comprehensive defense capabilities of crops against adverse environments are enhanced.


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