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How to fertilize sugar beets, pay attention to applying basal fertilizer and topdressing the roots

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If you want to grow sugar beets well, you must pay attention to fertilizing sugar beets and master the fertilization skills of sugar beets, so that beets can grow stronger.

How to fertilize sugar beets, pay attention to applying basal fertilizer and topdressing the roots

First of all, pay attention to applying basal fertilizer. The basal fertilizer is also the basal fertilizer for sugar beets. When applying basal fertilizer, increase the amount and apply it to the deeper soil. Mainly apply farm manure and organic fertilizer. It can be applied in autumn or It is applied in the spring farming, as long as the fertilizer is applied evenly and the use of chemical fertilizers is reduced, so that sufficient and high-quality fertilizer can be provided for the growth of sugar beets.

Secondly, apply seed fertilizer. Generally speaking, you don’t need to apply seed fertilizer when planting crops, but you must apply seed fertilizer when planting sugar beets, mainly because the seed fertilizer of sugar beet is relatively small and its nutrient content is also relatively high. Low, in order to promote the growth and development of seeds, it is necessary to apply seed fertilizer. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be applied mainly. When applying farm manure, special microbial inoculants for sugar beet can be used, and the seeds must not be touched when applying seed fertilizer to avoid Burning buds appear.

Once again, pay attention to the top dressing of the roots. When planting beets, you must pay attention to top dressing. You can use some foliar fertilizers or fertilize outside the roots. Generally speaking, fertilization outside the roots can be applied according to the growth of the beets, and the growth of the beets is better. At the time, you can apply root external fertilizer twice. When top dressing, you can use urea for top dressing, you can use it with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, or use special fertilizer for beet. When the growth of beet is not very good, you can control it according to the situation. Apply the amount of fertilizer, and increase the number of additional fertilizers, so that the sugar beet can grow better.

Finally, fertilize the leaves. If you want to improve the quality of the sugar beet, you should also fertilize the leaves to ensure the sugar content of the sugar beet. When fertilizing the leaves, the concentration should be controlled, generally potassium and phosphate fertilizers, and boron fertilizer can be used appropriately. Each mu of land is about 30 kilograms. According to the growth needs of beet, it can be reasonably supplemented with trace element fertilizers, so that the beet roots can not grow better. You only need to apply boron fertilizer twice a week to avoid leaves. The surface appears yellowish.


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