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In the bitter gourd garden, good harvest is said!

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Boss Liang Lucun, Yuanzhou District, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, is a local planting veteran who has been farming for many years and is a person who dares to eat crabs. He especially likes to try new compound fertilizers. During the period, I have used various brands of compound fertilizer, but I always feel that the effect is not so good.

The best fertilizer for bitter gourd

In late August, Boss Liang came to Yichun Lvyuan Dingfeng Agricultural Resources Store and was attracted by the packaging of MAINPAR compound fertilizer in the store. Boss Liang grabbed a handful of pellets and took out a bottle of mineral water he brought with him to start the dissolution test. He saw it with his own eyes and did it by himself, and let Boss Liang treat MAINPAR from packaging to pellets. I was very satisfied with the solubility, but I didn’t know how the effect was. So Boss Liang bought a pack of MAINPAR 16-6-26 compound fertilizer with the mentality of a try, and wanted to go back and do a small experiment to see the effect. . As a result, just three days later, I received a call from Boss Liang, telling us that I would drive a tricycle to the store to load 10 packs of MAINPAR at 5 am.

The best fertilizer for bitter gourd

At the end of August, we went to visit Boss Liang. Boss Liang laughed heartily and said: "I bought a pack that day and tried it back. I really saw the effect in three days. You see, my bitter gourd seedlings are not only growing well, but also sitting well. I’m really happy to live in melons. Like before, when bitter gourd seedlings are growing, it’s not easy to sit on melons. I also do pollination. I also use regulators, and there will be a phenomenon of melonization. The bitter gourd, MAINPAR allowed me to find that close effect, and I will recognize this brand later."


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