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Management matters after strawberry planting

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Strawberry is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Strawberry in the Rosaceae family. The plant is short and grows in a semi-recumbent clump. The height of the plant is generally 20-30 cm.

Management matters after strawberry planting

01 Planting time

Strawberry planting time is appropriate from late August to early September. If the planting is too early, the seedlings will survive high temperature, and the planting too late will affect the differentiation of lateral buds. Planting is best done on a cloudy day, and the survival rate of seedlings is high. Check in time after planting. If dead seedlings appear, remove dead plants and make up new ones.

02After planting

Clean up old leaves, dead leaves, diseased leaves in time, remove stolons, and keep only 2 to 3 functional leaves to reduce nutrient consumption and promote flower bud differentiation. Two days after transplanting, use root-promoting liquid to water the roots to promote rooting and prevent pests and diseases.

03Scientific top dressing

Top dressing time should not be too early. The first top dressing is best around late October. After the top flower buds, it is recommended to use drip irrigation with water to apply high nitrogen, medium phosphorus and low potassium water-soluble fertilizer; after flowering, apply medium nitrogen, low phosphorus and high potassium Water-soluble fertilizer, such as Huaqiang 12-6-42 water-soluble fertilizer.

04Pest control

The control of diseases and insect pests is mainly based on agricultural control, supplemented by chemical control. During the cultivation process, the management should be strengthened, the diseases should be found, and the targeted agents should be added to the new high-lipid film for prevention and control in time. Avoid spraying before and after flowering, so as not to affect pollination and increase the number of deformed fruits.


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