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When fertilizing fruit trees in autumn, you must remember these two 70%!

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When fertilizing fruit trees in autumn, you must remember these two 70%!

In the process of fertilizing in autumn every year, there are problems of this and that. Some fruit growers apply a single large chemical fertilizer; some fruit growers do not apply fertilizer in autumn, and then apply it in the spring of the next year. After years of practice and observation, the application of base fertilizer in autumn is an important fertilization in the whole year, and it should achieve two 70%.

The first 70%, the fertilization amount should account for about 70% of the annual fertilization amount. Most of the nutrients that fruit trees use for growth before May of each year come from the reserve nutrients. In the spring, the growth of leaves, branches, flowering, fruit setting, leaf size, and spring shoot length all depend on the amount of reserve nutrients. So where do the reserve nutrients come from? Fertilize in autumn. Therefore, the annual nutrition of fruit trees is in the early stage, and the nutrient in the early stage comes from the reserve nutrient, and the reserve nutrient comes from the autumn basal fertilizer, so the autumn basal fertilizer is very important.

The second 70%, the amount of organic fertilizer should account for 70% of the annual fertilizer application. To measure the fertility of the land, it is the content of soil organic matter, not the content of chemical fertilizers. Everyone must understand that chemical fertilizers can only increase production in fertile soil and can exert the power of chemical fertilizers. Minerals in the soil must be decomposed by beneficial bacteria, that is, microorganisms, so that they can be absorbed and utilized by the roots of fruit trees.

In an orchard, if a tree plans to apply ten catties of base fertilizer in autumn, the organic fertilizer will need about six or seven catties. In short, in the autumn basal fertilizer, organic fertilizer must account for about 70% of the fertilization amount in order to meet the normal growth of fruit trees, to grow healthily, and to bring you greater benefits.


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