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The best way to use compound fertilizer

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Compound fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer that is very familiar to many growers. When planting, compound fertilizer is the key to ensure the normal growth of crops and increase yield. Compound fertilizers include many nutrients, such as the common large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. So how do we use compound fertilizers?

The best way to use compound fertilizer

1. Used as base fertilizer

The duration of compound fertilizer is very long, so many people will choose to use compound fertilizer as a base fertilizer. Especially when planting some short-lived vegetables. Mainly because many crops are relatively sensitive to nutrient changes during the early growth period, and compound fertilizers include a large amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. And in the case of controlled-release compound fertilizers, they are usually mainly coated. Compared with elementary fertilizer, its decomposition rate is not fast, nutrient loss is not much, and it has a very high utilization rate, so it is very suitable as a base fertilizer.

2. Used as top dressing

Compound fertilizers are also used by many people during top dressing. Top dressing is mainly used when the base fertilizer is not mixed with compound fertilizer. Generally, when the crop breaks the soil and emerges, the trench is applied for top dressing, and then the soil is covered after fertilization. However, we must pay attention to control the dosage to avoid fertilizer waste. And in general, compound fertilizers are actually not recommended for top dressing. Because top dressing is easy to cause waste of elements such as phosphorus and potassium, because if the compound fertilizer powder is applied to the soil surface, its fertilizer effect is not obvious, and the utilization rate is far inferior to the base fertilizer.

3. Used as seed fertilizer

Compound fertilizers can also be used as seed fertilizers. When using it as a seed fertilizer, be careful not to mix it, and also pay attention to control the concentration, remember that the concentration should not be too high. If a compound fertilizer with a higher concentration is used as a seed fertilizer, the seeds are easily burned out and seedlings burn out. Therefore, when we use it as a fertilizer, we should pay attention to separate the seeds from the fertilizer. When sowing, first apply the seeds to the hole, and then apply the compound fertilizer. The distance between the compound fertilizer and the seed should be kept at about 6-8 cm to avoid fertilizer damage if they are too close.

4. Deeply covered soil

When the compound fertilizer is applied, nitrogen is easily washed away by rain, and the volatilization rate is high, and the phosphorus and potassium elements are also easily fixed. And if it is applied to the ground, it is also very unfavorable for the absorption of crop roots. In addition, if the soil is dry, the fertilizer dissolves very slowly, resulting in a decline in fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, when applying compound fertilizers, try not to spread fertilizers on the ground, and mainly cover the soil with deep application.


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