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Best NPK fertilizer for Ginseng fruit

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Ginseng fruit requires a lot of fertilizer and has strong absorption capacity, so the base fertilizer should be reapplied. Use mild livestock manure, such as pig manure and cow dung, or wheat bran-based fertilizer. During the period of plant growth, topdressing fertilizers in accordance with the period, to meet nutrition, fertilization should be matched with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, but also to add trace elements that are easily lacking.

1. bottom fertilizer

Best NPK fertilizer for Ginseng fruit

After choosing the planting land, it is necessary to prepare the land first. After turning the ground and crushing the soil, the whole garden can be applied with about 2000 acres of rot farm manure, evenly applied, mixed with the soil and covered with about 6 cm of topsoil. When the fertilizer is limited, it can also be applied in strips and concentrated fertilization, which can not only achieve sufficient fertilizer supply, but also save manpower.

2. Topdressing

Best NPK fertilizer for Ginseng fruit

According to the different growth periods, top dressing is carried out in stages. The top dressing should take into account the development process and growth status. The first is in the early stage of rapid plant growth, topdressing once at about 30 cm, mainly nitrogen fertilizer and farm manure, is to shoot the branches and leaves of the tree, and strengthen it. Then observe the growth before flowering. If the growth is better, avoid opening too many flowers and it is difficult to set fruit. You can apply a little quick-acting potassium fertilizer to strengthen the stem. After the fruit is set, it is necessary to apply a large amount of fertilizer in a timely manner, mainly farm manure, which can continue to be supplied throughout the fruiting period, and the amount is about 500 kg per mu. After harvesting, tree nutrients should be replenished in time to increase family vitality, and quick-acting fertilizers can be used.

3. Top root fertilizer

Ginseng fruit likes boron. When flowering into ears, it can apply 2~2.5kg of boron-magnesium fertilizer per acre. Fertilization in the shallow surface layer of 3 cm is conducive to absorption and utilization. In the full fruit period, in order to change the color of the fruit and increase nutrition, the same amount of boron and magnesium fertilizers can be applied.


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