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Best NPK fertilizer for kiwi fruit

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-06-28

According to the annual growth and fertilizer requirements of kiwifruit, the author summarizes the four best fertilization schemes for kiwifruit for the reference of fruit farmers.

Best NPK fertilizer for kiwi fruit

1. Top dressing fertilizer in early spring

After the soil thaws in spring and the sap flows, the tree begins to move. Fertilization at this stage is beneficial to sprout and flowering and promotes the growth of new shoots. The germination fertilizer should be applied before germination, mainly with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer (nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 1/2-2/3 of the annual nitrogen fertilizer consumption), with a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. 4-year-old trees generally apply 8-10 kg of pure nitrogen, 4 kg of pure phosphorus, and 4 kg of pure potassium. Sprinkle or plant the whole garden, and irrigate the spring water 1-2 times after the application.

2. After flowering, apply fruit promotion fertilizer

30-40 days after flowering is the period of rapid expansion of kiwi fruit. At this stage, the fruit grows rapidly and the volume increases quickly. The lack of fertilizer will hinder the expansion of kiwi fruit. Fruit promoting fertilizer should be applied 20-30 days after flowering, mainly with quick-acting compound fertilizer. Each 4-year-old tree can apply 0.25-0.3 kg of diammonium phosphate. Water the whole garden once after application.

3. Applying strong fruit fertilizer in midsummer

In order to enrich the inside of the fruit, increase the weight of single fruit and improve the quality, it is advisable to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once in June and July. In order to make up for the lack of nutrients during the growth of shoots in the later period, foliar spraying of available nitrogen fertilizer 1-2 times is also possible. Foliar spray of calcium fertilizer in this period can also enhance the fruit's storability. This fertilization is mainly based on foliar spray. The fertilizer can be selected from 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.3%-0.5% urea solution and 0.5% calcium nitrate.

4. Apply post-harvest fertilizer after harvest

After harvesting the fruit, a lot of nutrients are lost in the leaves, at this time it is particularly important to replenish the tree nutrients. Before defoliation, the leaves can be sprayed with 0.5% urea solution once to increase leaf photosynthesis, promote nutrient backflow to roots and stems, and increase nutrient reserves. It is advisable to apply basic fertilizer early in autumn, mainly including organic manure such as manure, compost, compost, barnyard fertilizer, cake fertilizer, etc., and mixed application of some quick-acting fertilizers such as superphosphate and ammonium nitrate. Generally, a 4-year-old tree plant should be applied with 20-30 kg of organic fertilizer, plus 0.25 kg of superphosphate and ammonium nitrate. The whole garden can be spread or ditched. Irrigate once in time after application.


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