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Best NPK fertilizer for Mangosteen

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Best NPK fertilizer for Mangosteen

The growth of mangosteen can not be separated from nutrients. When planting young seedlings, it is necessary to apply sufficient base fertilizer in combination with site preparation. The base fertilizer can be selected from fermented farmyard fertilizer and compound fertilizer, which can be evenly stirred and spread at the bottom of the hole.

Best NPK fertilizer for Mangosteen

The first year of bamboo planting

Topdressing in time in summer and applying some calcium, magnesium and phosphate fertilizer in rainy season

Second year of bamboo planting

In rainy weather, farmyard manure, compound fertilizer and other fertilizers containing trace elements should be supplemented in time

The third year of bamboo planting

The best fertilizer is nitrogen. And then some other fertilizer.

The fourth year of bamboo planting

When it comes to the fourth year of planting, the main types and amount of fertilizer should be considered, including farmyard fertilizer and compound fertilizer.


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