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Best NPK fertilizer for eggplant

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The characteristics of eggplant are flowering, fruiting and continuous harvesting. The peak of nutrient demand appears in the fruiting period. In this period, in order to coordinate the contradiction between reproductive growth and vegetative growth and prevent the premature senescence of plants, it is necessary to supplement nutrients in time after harvest.

Every 1000kg eggplant needs 3.2kg nitrogen, 0.94kg phosphorus pentoxide and 4.5kg potassium oxide. From seedling stage to early fruiting stage, eggplant needs the most nitrogen, and at the peak of fruiting stage, it needs the most potassium. In addition, it needs some trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc.

Best NPK fertilizer for eggplant

Base fertilizer:

1. Purpose of fertilization: to balance nutrients, make soil loose, improve organic matter, make eggplant root strong, and improve its stress resistance.

2. Fertilization method: bio organic fertilizer + balanced (15-15-15 or 17-17-17) potassium sulphate compound fertilizer, spreading and ploughing.

Strong seedling and fat:

1. Purpose of fertilization: to provide balanced nutrition, promote rapid development of seedlings, provide necessary trace elements such as boron and zinc, and cultivate strong seedlings, so as to lay a foundation for high yield.

2. Fertilization method: balanced water-soluble fertilizer 500 times liquid, flush application.

Best NPK fertilizer for eggplant

Top dressing at flowering and fruiting stage:

1. The purpose of fertilization is to meet the requirement of NPK nutrients in harvesting period, to supplement mg, B, Zn and other medium and trace elements, to prevent falling flowers and fruits, to improve fruit setting rate and to supplement post harvest fertilization.

2. Fertilization method: after eggplant fruit setting, spread potassium sulfate 17-06-22 or rush application of high potassium fertilizer such as nitrate sulfur base 14-5-26. After every eggplant harvest, the high potassium compound fertilizer of 14-5-26 nitrosulfur base was applied.

Note: it is recommended to flush 500-1000 times of solution every 7-10 days.


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