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Best NPK fertilizer for Grape

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Grape requirement

Best NPK fertilizer for Grape

1. Large fertilizer demand: The grape production is vigorous, the result is large, and the demand for soil nutrients is also large.

2. Large potassium fertilizer demand: grapes have a demand ratio of 1: 0.5: 1.2 for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. In addition, grapes also have higher demand for magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and other elements than other Fruit tree.

3. The type of fertilizer required varies with the stage of growth and development.

(1) Base fertilizer:

Best NPK fertilizer for Grape

Fertilization is mainly based on organic fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers. Apply 800-1000KG of decomposed manure per mu. At the same time, calcium superphosphate with an effective ingredient of 12% or more and calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer with an effective ingredient of 18% or more are mixed together and applied into the ditch at a ratio of 1: 1.

Apply 30-50KG per mu, and then fertilize the ternary compound fertilizer with N, P, K content of 15:15:15, 10-15KG per mu. Mix the fertilizer with the soil, and finally cover the soil and level it.

(2) Top dressing:

Best NPK fertilizer for Grape

①Sprouting fertilizer: The sprouting fertilizer is mainly made up of nitrogen fertilizer, with 20KG of urea and 10KG of superphosphate applied per mu.

②Pre-flowering fertilizer: The pre-flowering fertilizer is mainly based on available nitrogen fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer, with 15KG of urea per mu and 10KG of superphosphate, and water immediately after fertilization.

③ Strong fruit fertilizer: Apply 30KG of urea and 40KG of potassium sulfate per mu.

④Coloring fertilizer: also known as ripening fertilizer. Apply 5-10KG of potash fertilizer per mu, and add 2-3KG of magnesium sulfate.

⑤ Post-harvest fertilizer: Spread ternary compound fertilizer 10-15KG of 15:15:15 nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content per mu. And cooperate with the application of rot manure 600-800KG.


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