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Best NPK fertilizer for pitaya

VIEWS: times Release Date:2020-05-22

Dragon fruit young trees (fruit trees designated to be planted for 1 to 2 years) are mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer application, and should be done a small number of times to promote the growth of dragon fruit young trees. Pitaya fruit trees (fruit trees designated to be planted for more than 3 years) mainly use phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer applied.

Best NPK fertilizer for pitaya

1. The rule of fertilizer requirement

The nutritional requirements of dragon fruit are determined according to the growth stage and the age of the tree. For example, dragon fruit trees that are 1-2 years old are mainly nitrogen fertilizer. Then for more than 3 years, the application of nitrogen fertilizer should be properly controlled to increase the proportion of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

Best NPK fertilizer for pitaya

2. Base fertilizer

The base fertilizer is based on fully decomposed farm manure, and we should apply the base fertilizer about 2 months before planting.

Best NPK fertilizer for pitaya

3. Top dressing

The top dressing at the seedling stage is mainly liquid manure or farm manure, and the top dressing is mainly applied with a small amount. Then found that there are new shoots germinating and turning green again when topdressing.

4. Foliar fertilizer

When spraying the foliar fertilizer, the micro-fertilizer is mainly used, and the nutrient ratio in the fertilizer is adjusted according to the growth stage. For example, in the early stage, the main elements are boron and magnesium, and the later period are mainly calcium and iron. These elements can effectively improve the resistance of dragon fruit and improve the quality of the fruit.

5. Fertilization during the fruiting period

Winter tree cover organic fertilizer: apply when the branches and branches have completely turned green in December-January in winter. The tree cover is covered with organic fertilizer, and each column is mixed with 10 kg of organic fertilizer, or covered with * fat fertilizer, each column is applied with 15 kg. The purpose is to improve the soil, increase organic matter, and enhance the cold resistance of the plant.

Flower-promoting fertilizer: applied in the first half of April, applying 1-1.5 kg of 17-17-17 compound fertilizer per column, the purpose is to promote the development of flower buds and improve flower quality.

Strong flower and strong fruit fertilizer: applied in the first half of June, 0.5-1 kg of biological bacterial fertilizer per column, 0.5 kg of 17-17-17 compound fertilizer, the purpose is to strengthen the flower, promote fruit enlargement and improve quality.

Re-application of flower-promoting and fruit-reinforcing fertilizer: It is applied in the middle of the eighth and eighth, focusing on the production of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day fruits. Each column applies 1-1.5 kg of rotten cooked bran cake fertilizer, and compound fertilizer 15-15-15 (nitrogen 15: phosphorus 15: potassium 15) 0.8-1 kg, the purpose is to promote more flowering, promote fruit expansion, and improve quality.

Fertilizers for strengthening fruit and restoring trees: apply in the middle of the 10th, each compound fertilizer 17-17-17 (nitrogen 17: phosphorus 17: potassium 17) 0.5-1 kg, bacterial fertilizer 3-4 kg, the purpose is to promote the final A batch of fruits swelled to restore tree vigor and promote branch growth.


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