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Best NPK fertilizer for Tangerine

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Citrus is an evergreen fruit tree. The physiological activities are endless every year. The number of shoots is large. The fruit grows long. It also undergoes assimilation and flower bud differentiation in winter.

Best NPK fertilizer for Tangerine

Annual citrus fertilization program

Pre-emergence fertilizer

Under the application of 10 to 15 days before the spring shoots germination, the main effect is quick-acting nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, and 300 times of biological stimulant + high nitrogen or balanced compound fertilizer can be applied.

Xie Hua Wen Guo Fei

For orange trees with a large amount of flowers and weak trees, supplementary application of fruit stabilizing fertilizer during flowering can significantly increase the fruit setting rate. Those with more flowers should be fertilized at the beginning of flowering, and those with fewer flowers can be applied at the later stage of flowering.

Strong fruit booster

Apply 10 to 15 days before the fall shoots germinate. The purpose is to accelerate the swelling of the fruit while promoting the smooth and healthy hair of the autumn shoots. Should be based on organic fertilizer, combined with chemical fertilizer.

Fruit picking winter fertilizer

Plants with more fruits were applied before fruit harvesting, and fruits with fewer fruits were applied after fertilization. It is mainly composed of late-acting fertilizers such as farmhouse fertilizers, which are applied together with quick-acting chemical fertilizers and bacterial fertilizers.

Foliar top dressing

In addition to fertilizing the soil, it should be combined with foliar top dressing. After harvesting: spraying foliar fertilizers such as phosphorus and potassium sources and sinks, amino acids, brassinolide

Spring shoot germination period:

Fruit trees that have not grown new shoots are sprayed with high-nitrogen foliar fertilizer; new shoots that have grown have a certain length of sprayable phosphorus and potassium source and sink, which promotes slightly mature branches and flower bud differentiation.

Spring shoots:

Foliar application of phosphorus and potassium source and sink can promote the ripening of spring shoots, provide sufficient nutrition for the normal development of flower organs, and at the same time, have a certain effect on preventing spring cold.

Fruit expansion period:

Foliar type fertilizer, amino acid, calcium, magnesium and other foliar fertilizers are sprayed when 6-8 leaves in autumn

Color change period:

Foliar application of phosphorus and potassium source sinks, boron, zinc, and red sinks (small molecular peptide foliar fertilizers) can promote flower bud differentiation and help color and sweeten fruits


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