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Best NPK fertilizer for tobacco leaf

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Best NPK fertilizer for tobacco leaf

The root system is the main organ of the tobacco plant to absorb nutrient elements. After transplanting flue-cured tobacco, the absorption of various nutrients generally increases slowly with the growth of the ground. When the internodes of the stem begin to elongate, they enter the prosperous period. The absorption of various nutrients by the tobacco plant increases sharply, and the daily absorption of nitrogen reaches its peak before the bud appears. The time when the daily potassium absorption reaches its peak is about 10 days later than that of nitrogen. After the absorption of nitrogen and potassium reached its peak, it fell sharply, and then fell slowly to a certain level. The absorption process of phosphorus in flue-cured tobacco is relatively stable.

Best NPK fertilizer for tobacco leaf

1. Fertilization formula: To increase the fertilization of tobacco, on the basis of increasing the application of organic fertilizers and deep soil improvement, the application of three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be considered, and the elements of magnesium, boron, sulfur, calcium and copper Apply. According to the characteristics of tobacco demand for nutrients, the suitable proportion of tobacco-specific controlled-release fertilizer (N-P2 0s-K2 0) mainly includes 14-16-15s, 15-15-15s, etc.

2. Fertilization time: It is recommended to use tobacco base fertilizer in spring and summer.

3. Fertilization method: It can be applied in holes or in ditch. Hole application: 6-8 cm on the side of the tobacco seedlings for fertilizer application. Strip ditch application: pay attention to the isolation of seed fertilizer, the fertilizer is 6-8 cm below the seed side.

4. Application rate: Generally, the application rate is 35-45 kg / mu.

5. Matters needing attention: The release of tobacco-specific controlled-release fertilizer is closely related to soil temperature, moisture content in soil and irrigation water volume. Potassium sulphate is applied at 10 kg / mu during the period of Tuanke.

6. Fertilization effect: The leaves have uniform color, oily and plump, loose leaf structure, good aroma, sufficient quantity, pure smell, improve tobacco flammability and ability to withstand drought and barrenness.


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